Open call for portfolios and invitational art competition for KampusART arts programme

Kuva: Sigge Arkkitehdit

As a part of the KampusART arts programme, we are looking for an interesting and bold idea for a contemporary artwork with a combination of an open call for portfolios and an invitational art competition. The artwork will be produced on the yard deck which will be constructed between TUAS’ new campus building and Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki. Design of the public work of art will be carried out in two stages.

At the first stage, an open call for portfolios is announced. Interested artists and artistic teams working in Finland can enrol by sending pictures of their works, their résumés and justifications why they would be qualified to produce the artwork on the site. Sketches on the outdoor artwork or entity are not submitted at the first stage.

From those who have submitted their portfolios by the deadline, 3−5 artists and/or artistic teams are selected to the second stage i.e. the invitational, and sketches on the artwork or entity are ordered from them. In the beginning of the invitational, the artists and teams are provided with the required background materials and they are introduced to the arts programme and its goals. The sketches for the invitational shall be completed by 30 November 2019.

The call for portfolios is a part of the KampusART arts programme, which brings art to the indoor and outdoor premises of the new building on Kupittaa campus. High-quality and bold art increases the attractiveness of the new campus and constructs the identity of the building and region. The Kupittaa Campus arts programme is coordinated by TUAS Arts Academy, and it is implemented in cooperation by TUAS and Turku Technology Properties. Read more on the arts programme here.



The aim of the invitational art competition, organized based on the open call for portfolios, is to find ideas for a location-specific, permanent and public artwork produced on the yard deck of the new campus building in Kupittaa. Surprising and bold art increases the pleasantness of the area and constructs its identity. The aim is that the artwork brings contrast to its surroundings. Those who move on the yard deck include people working, studying and visiting the Turku Science Park area. The art helps to establish the yard deck as a space which invites people to linger.

The artists and teams have the opportunity to propose a single artwork or an entity of several works of art for the yard deck. The works may have a thematic connection regardless of the used technique. The artwork or entity of several works of art which is produced outside, in front of one of the main entrances to the new building, shall be effortless to maintain and the maintenance costs should be reasonable. The artwork shall also endure the activities on and use of the yard deck as well as possible, including skateboarding, and possible vandalism (e.g. removal of graffiti). A central part of the KampusART arts programme is its pedagogic dimension. The pedagogic possibilities of the artwork are negotiated separately with the selected artist or artistic team.

A maximum of 100 000 euros (VAT 0) has been allocated for the production costs of the artwork or entity of works of art. This sum includes the artist’s fee/artists’ fees, the material and production costs of the artwork and the right related to copyrights to save the work of art with an appropriate device and publish the documents without a separate permission or compensation.

An artist-/team-specific fee will be paid to those invited to the invitational art competition. The project’s steering group decides on ordering the final work of art based on proposal of the competition jury, and they have the right to order the work of art based on any of the sketches placed in the competition. The steering group consists of representatives of TUAS, Turku Technology Properties and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

The invitation to the competition and the programme are sent to the artists/artistic teams selected for the invitational art competition after the portfolio stage. In the competition, the rules of competition of the Artists’ Association of Finland are complied with.



  • Call for portfolios 3 June – 31 July
  • The jury selects the portfolios in August 2019: 3−5 artists/artistic teams are selected in the invitational
  • Invitational art competition 1 September – 30 November
  • Jury work, artist selection in December 2019

As soon as the invitational is launched, an info event is organized for the artists. There the invited artists and teams have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the site with the art coordinator and architect.



The selection of the artists and/or teams selected in the invitational is made by a jury, which includes Head of Education and Research Taina Erävaara (TUAS Arts Academy), Communications Director Terhi Marin (Turku Technology Properties) and visual artists Heini Aho, Veli Granö and Jaakko Niemelä.



Portfolios are to be submitted electronically by Wednesday 31 July 2019 at 23.59 to kampusart (at) Only the portfolios submitted electronically to the abovementioned address are taken into account.

Who can apply?

Professional artists and artistic teams residing in Finland, who have completed education suitable for artistic work and/or operate actively and professionally in the field and have the ability to produce the work of art independently, can participate in the call for portfolios.

What should be included in the portfolio?

The artists and artistic teams are asked to include the following in the portfolio:

  • Contact information: email address, phone number and possible website address (for artistic teams, contact person)
  • Résumé (max. 3 pages/artist)
  • A 3−5-paged portfolio on the artworks with pictures, and a short introduction on each work of art in text format. Emphasis on the latest works. If an artwork has been implemented as a team, describe your own share of the work.
  • A short justification why you wish to produce the artwork on the yard deck of Kupittaa campus (max. 100 words).

NOTE! Sketches on the artwork/entity of works of art proposed for the yard deck are not submitted with the portfolio.

Technical properties of the portfolio

  • The material is submitted as a single pdf file (max. 10 M) attached to an email
  • Name the file lastname_firstname.pdf OR team_name.pdf
  • Give your email the subject Call for portfolios: Last name First name OR Call for portfolios: Team name

Please note that if the format or contents of the portfolio do not meet the abovementioned requirements, the jury has the right to ignore it.



Art Coordinator Riina Kotilainen
tel. +358 (0)50 598 5218
riina.kotilainen (at)