Emilia Usvalaakso: Sea level & Rise

Photo: Vesa Aaltonen

Emilia Usvalaakso: Sea level & Rise 
2020, digital photo on a recycled fabric, tape, sound
Rooms 1083, 1085

The sea level is rising due to global warming. The warming climate melts glaciers and increases the temperature of oceans, which causes the total volume of sea water to grow and the sea level to rise. The change is also shown in the Baltic Sea and will impact Finland’s coastal areas. Large areas are under the threat of being submerged.

The artwork pair Sea level & Rise describes the darkest prognoses of the rising Baltic Sea level in the next hundred of years. The artworks placed in two adjoining rooms visualize the change in the sea level: the change in the sea level between the rooms is the same as the darkest prognosis for the sea level rise in the Baltic Sea between 2000–2100.

Source: ilmasto-opas.fi


Stop by the Baltic Sea for a moment

The soundtrack Baltic Sea 60°08’29.4″N 24°58’60.0″E takes the listener to a coastal cliff by the Baltic Sea. You can listen to the sound with your own headphones.

Emilia Usvalaakso · Itämeri 60°08’29.4″N 24°58’60.0″E.WAV

The artwork is a part of KampusART’s pedagogic programme.