Alumni from Turku UAS’ Arts Academy, propose your artwork in the KampusART media art programme!


Kupittaa campus offers a new forum for media art. The KampusART media art programme, to be launched in January 2022, will bring alternating works featuring moving images to the media wall at EduCity. In addition, the programme will include screenings.

We are now looking for proposals for works of art to be presented through an open call for works of art for the alumni from Turku UAS’ Arts Academy. The alumni include all those who have graduated from and worked at Turku UAS or the institutions preceding it (incl. Turun piirustuskoulu and Turun taiteen ja viestinnän oppilaitos). The call is open on 6th September – 3rd October 2021.

The first KampusART media art programme will be curated by the producers of Video Art Festival Turku (VAFT), Rose Pietola and Jenna Suomalainen.

There is no predefined theme for the content in the call for works of art. For VAFT, media art and video art can be all kinds of (audio)visual content implemented in the form of moving image, such as animation, short films or even gifs. It can be a previously shown artwork or an entirely new artwork.

More information here.