Kalpa | Kallioperä | Fibroin reflects the activities and space of EduCity


Shoji Kato‘s artwork Kalpa | Kallioperä | Fibroin consists of large and airy silk fabrics, small stone pieces and casted precious metal-coated insects. The elements reflect light and the movements of the air. The artwork views the campus as a multidimensional, constantly evolving space for activities and new communities. The materials contain enigmatic elements and evoke interpretations and inspiration. The artwork raises not-so-easy-to-answer-questions and encourages to take a deeper look at familiar concepts such as time and matter.

The artistic jury considered the proposal carefully drafted. The multidimensional and conceptual nature of the proposal and its links to technology, science and human well-being were commendable. The delicate artwork transforms the roof of the negotiation cube into a gallery.

Shoji Kato (b. 1969) graduated with a PhD from the Academy of Fine Arts. Kato has had several solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad, as well as made public works of art. His artworks are in collections in Finland and abroad.