Rotaatio-galleria opens in EduCity


Rotaatio-galleria presents contemporary art exhibitions in the staff room on the 4th floor of EduCity. The gallery showcases artworks made by the Arts Academy visual arts students.

The exhibition changes every two months. The first exhibition programme of Rotaatio-galleria was curated by Erika Adamsson, Riina Kotilainen and Otto-Ville Väätäinen.

The gallery is only open to Turku University of Applied Sciences staff until informed otherwise.

Exhibition programme 2021-2022

1.9.−29.10.2021                       Heli Lundström
3.11.−31.12.2021                      Sami Funke
5.1.−25.2.2022                        Alexandra Trufanova
2.3.−29.4.2022                       Matleena Korhonen
4.5.−30.6.2022                       Elise Lehikoinen