The carbon footprint data of the KampusART artworks is collected


During the Kupittaa campus arts programme, also the ecological issues of public art are being discussed. As far as is known, the carbon footprint of public art will be discovered for the first time. The KampusART artists have the opportunity to find out the carbon footprint of their own artwork.

The arts programme cooperates with the Turku University of Applied Sciences’ Circular Business Models research group, which has drawn up a carbon diary. Data is collected on the works of art to be made, including trips, materials and the use of the studio related to the implementation of the artwork. The aim is that the data can be used to calculate the carbon footprint of public art and its life cycle, and thereby bring the ecological effects of public art into the wider debate.

More information:

Art Coordinator Riina Kotilainen,, p. 050 598 5218