The second call for KampusART artists is now on!


The second stage of the art acquisitions for TUAS’ new building being constructed on Kupittaa campus has started. With a combination of an open call for portfolios and call for sketches, we seek 2−3 works of art to be produced in the interior of the campus building.

The design of the works of art for the interior is carried out in two stages. At the first stage, an open call for portfolios is announced for artists and artistic teams working in Finland. The call for portfolios is open 2–30 September 2019. The artistic jury of the KampusART arts programme selects the artists for the call for sketches stage based on the portfolios.

At the second stage, the selected artists and/or artistic teams will create the sketch proposals and can discuss their proposals with Construction Manager, Architect (SAFA) Anniina Savisalo at Turku Technology Properties. The process in question is an experiment with a new way for commissioning public art in cooperation with the Artists’ Association of Finland.

Read more about the calls, sites and schedule here.

The call for works of art for the interior is a part of KampusART arts programme, which brings art to the indoor and outdoor premises of the new building on Kupittaa campus. High-quality and bold art increases the attractiveness of the new campus and constructs the identity of the building and region.

The first call for artists was carried out as a combination of a call for portfolios and an invitational art competition, seeking an artwork to be produced on the yard deck of the campus building. The invitational will be concluded by the end of 2019. The Kupittaa campus arts programme is coordinated by TUAS Arts Academy, and it is implemented in cooperation by TUAS and Turku Technology Properties. Read more on the arts programme here.