Weather Observations create personal meanings for EduCity


Stig Baumgartner‘s Weather Observations will be installed at the bottoms of the negotiation cubes. The themes of the artwork refer to the observations of the weather. The artworks are related to the glass ceiling that dominates the space: the artworks can also be seen as ceiling paintings. The ornamental expression of free-form oil paintings is simplified, and the hand-painted artworks bring a human scale to the space: the artworks give the various functions and places of the space personal meanings and perhaps also names.

The artistic jury liked the original and fresh style of the artwork proposal. In addition, the placement of the artworks under the negotiation cubes aroused the interest of the jury. The artwork was seen ambiguous in a good way, which gives space to the viewer’s experience. The proposal also included an interesting pedagogical reference to the history of painting and art education. The colorful artwork brings organicity to otherwise angular spaces, creating a personal identity for the building.

Stig Baumgartner (b. 1969) graduated with a doctorate in fine arts from the Academy of Fine Arts. Baumgartner has had several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. His works are in many collections and he has also created several public works of art.